Visitation and operating rules of the TATRAS TOWER

Operator, HIGH TATRAS TOWER s.r.o. trade company, based in: Sobotské námestie 1733/12, 058 01 Poprad – Spišská Sobota, ID: 50 706 730, registered in: the Commercial Register of the Prešov District Court, section: Sro, Insert No.: 34110/P (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator” ) operates the TATRAS TOWER educational and observation tower at Štrbské Pleso (hereinafter referred to as the “TATRAS TOWER” ). In order to ensure the safety of persons entering the TATRAS TOWER, as well as in order to ensure the proper operation of the TATRAS TOWER, the Operator issues these visitation and operating rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules” ) of the TATRAS TOWER. Every Visitor is obliged to become familiar with these Rules when entering the TATRAS TOWER and to observe all its provisions. When a natural person enters the premises of the TATRAS TOWER (hereinafter also referred to as the “Visitor”), this person confirms that he/she has duly and fully familiarized him/herself with the Rules, while by entering he/she also agrees with the conditions contained in the Rules and declares that he/she will be governed by them.


  1. Entry to the TATRAS TOWER is possible only during the operating hours set by the Operator and with a valid ticket, which the Visitor is obliged to demonstrate at any time upon request.

  2. Entry to the TATRAS TOWER, entry to additional attractions and their use is only at the Visitors’ own responsibility.

  3. Children under the age of 12 are only allowed in the TATRAS TOWER if accompanied by at least one adult, with accompanying adults being responsible for the safety of the children.

  4. Pets are not allowed in the TATRAS TOWER.

  5. The Visitor acknowledges that the Operator is entitled, before entry to the TATRAS TOWER, or during their visit to the TATRAS TOWER, to inspect their bags or other personal belongings, in order to discover whether there are no dangerous items or other articles endangering the safety, health or life of other Visitors, or whether there are no animals in the bags or other personal belongings. The Visitor is obliged to show the Operator the contents of his/her bags or other personal belongings. A Visitor who is found possessing items or other articles endangering the safety, health or life of other Visitors, or a Visitor who is found possessing an animal will not be admitted to the TATRAS TOWER, or will be expelled from the TATRAS TOWER without the right to a refund or other reimbursement of the entrance fee.

  6. The Visitor is obliged to report any accident suffered at the TATRAS TOWER immediately after its occurrence to the relevant responsible person of the Operator, who will be available for this purpose at the TATRAS TOWER box office. The TATRAS TOWER Operator is not responsible for injuries and/or other damages caused by the Visitor’s negligent due diligence, as a result of entering the TATRAS TOWER in a state that adversely affected the Visitor’s ability to prevent injuries and/or damages, or as a result of neglect of supervision of persons over which the Visitor is obliged to conduct supervision.

  7. The Operator is not responsible for the loss, theft or disappearance (and the like) of any items of Visitors or other persons stored or held on the premises of the TATRAS TOWER, including the premises belonging to the Operator’s gastronomic operation, or the Operator’s souvenir shop, as these are not premises designated for this purpose.

  8. The TATRAS TOWER is equipped with fire exits, which are visibly marked by the Operator at the relevant places of the TATRAS TOWER. Visitors are obliged to use these fire exits only in the event of a fire or at the instruction of the Operator and are obliged to follow these instructions of the Operator, firefighters, police or other competent bodies.

  9. Visitors to the TATRAS TOWER are obliged to prevent damages that could occur to them at the TATRAS TOWER, while they are particularly prohibited from the following:

    • remaining in the premises of the TATRAS TOWER outside opening hours;

    • entering the TATRAS TOWER with animals;

    • entering the tower mainly with a bicycle, on roller skates, a scooter, in ski boots, with skis or a snowboard, in spiked shoes, with tourist poles with a sharp point or with other dangerous or unsuitable items or articles. Regarding the nature of the TATRAS TOWER, the Operator does not explicitly recommend entering its premises in shoes with heels or in shoes other than sturdy shoes;

    • entering the premises of the TATRAS TOWER, or its adjacent spaces, which are not intended for Visitors;

    • leaning over the railing or placing an unreasonable load on it;

    • bringing dangerous items or articles into the TATRAS TOWER, which could cause damage to the TATRAS TOWER, or endanger the safety, life or health of other Visitors, employees of the Operator or other persons authorized to stay on the premises of the TATRAS TOWER (e.g. knives, firearms or other weapons, objects that can be used as weapons, explosives, ammunition, alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances, poisons, chemicals, etc.);

    • throwing any objects from the TATRAS TOWER;

    • throwing waste out of designated areas;

    • smoking, starting a fire and handling open fire in the premises of the TATRAS TOWER;

    • unjustifiable and unauthorized use of fire exits of the TATRAS TOWER;

    • entering the tower under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances and/or other substances capable of adversely affecting the human psyche or his/her control or cognitive abilities, or social behavior (collectively referred to as “addictive substances”) and using addictive substances in the TATRAS TOWER;

    • entering the TATRAS TOWER with food and/or drinks;

    • taking photographs, making audiovisual recordings, visual recordings or other records that will be used for commercial and/or promotional purposes of an entity other than the Operator.

  10. The ride on the slide located within the TATRAS TOWER will be allowed only for Visitors with a height of more than 120 cm (inclusive), and only on a special pad (so-called gliding bag) provided by the Operator for this purpose. The gliding bag is the property of the Operator and the Visitor is obliged to return the bag in question to the Operator immediately after the end of the ride. The slide is designed for top-down riding. There can always be only one person on the slide, and therefore the Visitor is obliged to contribute via his/her activity to the fact that he/she will not enter the slide together with another person (or with other persons). After going down the slide, the Visitor is obliged to leave the area of the slide immediately. The Visitor is obliged to respect the instructions of the Operator when using the slide. The slide is equipped with a signaling device with the following meaning: green = start of the ride, red = do not enter the slide. After activating the green traffic light, only one Visitor can start going down the slide. Another Visitor can start sliding down only after the reactivation of the green light, unless the Operator’s staff gives another instruction. While riding the slide, it is not possible to carry any sharp metal or otherwise dangerous elements. When going down the slide, it is necessary to respect the safety signs placed on the slide. In particular, it is prohibited to move upward on the slide tube, moving on the outer casing of the slide, going down the slide head forward, stopping and staying in the slide tube for no reason, releasing any object or animal through the slide. It is also prohibited to contaminate and damage the surface of the slide, using the slide for a purpose other than that for which it is intended, to remove any elements or markings from the slide and its construction, to anchor, tie or otherwise attach other elements to the slide. It is not possible to enter the slide with food, drink, chewing gum or other objects that could cause damage or other harm to the Visitor or damage to the slide. The slide must not be used especially by Visitors with serious health problems (such as claustrophobia, chronic vascular and heart problems), Visitors under the influence of addictive substances, or Visitors to whom riding down a slide could cause other harm. Under unfavorable meteorological conditions or based on a special decision of the Operator, it is possible to shut down the slide and interrupt its operation, without the right to a refund or other reimbursement of the entrance fee.

  11. The TATRAS TOWER also includes a glass spire in the area of the upper viewing platform with a glass railing. The maximum number of people who can be on this glass platform at the same time is 5. It is not possible to enter the glass platform in shoes with gravel, sand or stones on the soles. It is prohibited to enter the glass floor in shoes with metal elements on the soles.

  12. The adrenaline part of the TATRAS TOWER is also a walking net, which is intended for children and adults without age restrictions and is located at a height of 33 meters above the ground.

    It is PROHIBITED to run and jump on the walking net like on a trampoline. It is prohibited to handle open flames, handle sharp objects, handle chemicals (such as thinners, solvents, etc.), and consume alcohol and other addictive substances in the area of the net. It is prohibited to make any modifications to the rope net and its structure on the net, to intentionally damage any part of the rope net structure, and to throw any objects through the net.

    Entry to the walking net is NOT RECOMMENDED for people with a serious heart defect; persons who have had serious injuries in the recent past, in particular after spinal injuries, and persons whose movement on the rope net/at height could, at their discretion, worsen their state of health.

    Underaged Visitors must be under the supervision of an accompanying adult, who is fully responsible for them during the entire period of movement on the net.

    Sportswear and sturdy shoes are RECOMMENDED for access to the walking net. It is also advisable to unload contents from the pockets that could fall out.

    The walking net is out of operation in case of bad weather (e.g. storm).

    Visitors to the complex and the walking net are obliged to follow the safety instructions and follow the directions of the TATRAS TOWER staff. They are also obliged to inform the Operator immediately in the event of damage to any part of the equipment or in the event of any other defect. Visitors are obliged to act in such a way so as not to cause harm to themselves or others and to observe the principles of good behavior, cleanliness and order.

  13. Visitors to the TATRAS TOWER are obliged to follow the instructions of the Operator’s staff or persons authorized by the Operator, in all circumstances, but in particular in the event of adverse weather conditions. In the event of a sudden change in weather (e.g. heavy rain, heavy fog, storm, gusts or strong winds, icing, etc.), Visitors are obliged to leave the TATRAS TOWER immediately and with the necessary care while assisted by the Operator, without the right to a refund or other reimbursement of the entrance fee.

  14. The Operator informs the Visitors of the TATRAS TOWER that the area of the TATRAS TOWER and the immediately adjacent areas is continuously monitored by the Operator by a camera system, which makes an image recording.

  15. In case of violation of these Rules and/or violation of other generally binding legal regulations and/or committing other illegal actions, the person authorized by the Operator is entitled to immediately expel the Visitor from the TATRAS TOWER without the right to a refund or other reimbursement of the entrance fee or not to admit the Visitor to the TATRAS TOWER without the right to a refund or other reimbursement of the entrance fee. The Operator is entitled to take other necessary measures.

  16. The Operator informs the Visitors of the TATRAS TOWER, as the persons concerned, that their personal data may be processed in connection with their entry to the TATRAS TOWER. Details on the processing of personal data by the Controller pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and other facts on the processing of personal data of Visitors are published on the Operator’s website

  17. A Visitor to the TATRAS TOWER, who is the consumer, has the option of alternative dispute resolution through alternative dispute resolution entities. The proposal is submitted by the Visitor of the TATRAS TOWER to the relevant alternative dispute resolution entity of his/her choice. Alternative dispute resolution entities are registered in the list maintained by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, which is available here:

    The possibility of the Visitor referring the matter to a general court is not impacted.


These Visitation and Operating Rules of the TATRAS TOWER are valid from 10 December 2020. The Operator is entitled to change the content of these Rules, while the updated Rules will be published in a transparent manner for the Visitors.

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