An authentic experience in the High Tatras

This tallest and highest tower is a unique entertainment and educational project of its kind, not only in Slovakia. The tower of dreams brings you the opportunity to experience unique emotions, experiences and moments that will please, entertain, instruct and at the same time allow you to enjoy the Tatras in a way you have never known. It will provide you with an authentic and meaningful experience of the natural beauties of the High Tatras, and allow you to get to know their unforgettable captivating charm in a completely new dimension using the most modern technologies offered today.

At the same time, our unique surprise for you - Mobile Application TATRAS TOWER - is unprecedented even within Europe, thanks to which you will be able to have fun not only on the tower but also further in the comfort of your home.

The tower of dreams is unique in its appearance, not only thanks to its airy architectural form, but also to the barrier-free access, type and method of construction.

TATRAS TOWER is a sophisticated building that is 53 m high, while being one of the highest in Europe and clearly the highest situated with entry at an altitude of 1,367 m above sea level.

The tower is shaped like a tilted hyperboloid. The peripheral supporting external cladding of the tower consists of 24 steel columns, which are wound in two directions. The angle of the tower is 15°.

The walking part is wooden, while the footbridge at the top of the tower is terminated by a viewing platform with a network. The furthest point of the platform is glazed.


Part of your adventure in the clouds will surely be a 61-meter-long dry slide with a 30° inclination of the tube and a diameter of 0.95 m, with which you can shorten your way down and at the same time enjoy a proper adrenaline rush. The slide is open all year round. Riding on the slide is not included in the entrance fee to the tower and it is necessary to buy a ticket to ride.

Walking Network

On the TATRAS TOWER you will also find a walking network that offers a real adrenaline experience. Only the bravest will enjoy entering a network with an area of 25.3 m2 and a diameter of 5.8 m, which is located 43 m above the terrain and will certainly be the highlight of their visit to the TATRAS TOWER. Others will surely watch them nervously as they handle the remarkable adventure.

Glass floor

A completely different experience from the Tatras and a view of the Dream Area (Areál snov) itself will bring you a downward view through a glass footbridge at a height of almost 50 meters. Do you dare to step on it?

For All Ages
Entering the tower and adventuring in the clouds is not only for young visitors, but also for all those who remain forever young and haven't lost their taste for adventures. Both young and old visitors can gain completely new, unusual but meaningful sensations and experiences here.
Barrier-free Access
The entrance as well as the route to the tower itself is completely barrier-free in its entire length, inviting all target groups to visit, from families with children and baby strollers to a group of seniors. Visiting the TATRAS TOWER is also suitable for people dependent on mobility with a wheelchair as well as for people with reduced mobility, still literally bringing them within touching distance of the Tatras.

The slope of the footpath is from 6% to 8%.

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Surroundings of the TATRAS TOWER

The TATRAS TOWER is located in the heart of the High Tatras, near the iconic Štrbské pleso lake, in the Dream Area in Štrbské Pleso.

Štrbské Pleso is the highest situated High Tatras settlement (1,346 m above sea level) in the Tatra National Park and is also a local part of the municipality of Štrba. Štrbské Pleso is connected to skiing, which has an important position in its history, and in 1970 even the Nordic World Ski Championships were held here and at that time a new sports complex was built.

Tatra National Park is the oldest national park in Slovakia, and it was declared a national park already in 1949.

The network of hiking trails is about 600 km long, and in the alpine environment of the national park these are seasonally closed from 1 November to 15 June. The highest peak of the High Tatras as well as Slovakia is Gerlachovský štít (2,655 m above sea level).

The High Tatras offer countless opportunities for active leisure activities in every season for all ages of visitors. High mountain hikes attract visitors in summer and winter (taking into account winter closures), while other popular leisure activities include skiing, cross-country skiing and boating.

From TATRAS TOWER you have perfect views of these 7 alpine peaks – Kriváň, Veľké Solisko, Predné Solisko, Štrbský štít, Satan, Patria, Krátka and other peaks.

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